Prompt #2: Dreams — Flashback | Project: Love, Me

Prompt #2: Dreams — Flashback

Written on January 5, 2011 by SuzyQ in Weekly Prompts

Are you ready for week 2? Let’s flashback to the past!

What were your dreams when you were younger? What did you used to dream about — whether it came true or not? What was important to you when you were growing up? Where did you think your life would take you?

Focus on one specific dream, or share several. Pick a specific time period — childhood, teenager, young adult, etc. — or share a dream from each.

via Prompt #2: Dreams — Flashback | Project: Love, Me.

Supplies Used on Layout:  Chrissy Williams’ Template from Sample Pack 6.4 and Spring At Last Kit by Chrissy Williams  Fonts:  Chalk Dust, Garamond, Fleurish Script and Black Boys on Mopeds


2 responses to “Prompt #2: Dreams — Flashback | Project: Love, Me

  1. Fabulous layout. The journaling is great — isn’t it interesting how far we end up from what we dreamed sometimes?

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