Prompt #7: Broken Hearts | Project: Love, Me

Prompt #7: Broken Hearts

Written on February 9, 2011 by SuzyQ in Weekly Prompts

Thank you for joining me this week as we continue Project: Love, Me. It’s time now to consider “the flip side” of love. Tell us about your broken heart. We’ve all had them … Something or someone that crushed you. It doesn’t have to be a story about a break up — it could also be something you really wanted and never got. How did you cope? What did you learn? Did anything positive come from it?

via Prompt #7: Broken Hearts | Project: Love, Me.

Supplies Used on Layout: Heart from “Shine On” kit by Chris Greiser ; Paper:  Bluedream Designs “My Valentine” Kit; Alpha: “Love Letters Pink Alpha” by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs; Stitches from “Another Love Kit” by Scrappy Bug

Journaling: In January of 2006, John and I decided to stop fertility treatments and look into adoption.  John is a fourth generation, John Kerr, and I wanted to continue this tradition.  Therefore, I wanted a little boy.  We chose the international adoption program for Guatemala.  The children generally came home while infants and boys were readily available.  We submitted our application to a local adoption agency and started the grueling paperwork process.  All of our paperwork was completed by April and the waiting stage began.  On July 11th I received a call at work from our social worker.  They had a referral for us.  I received the email with a few pictures of our son.  He had a head full of dark hair and he was crying in one of the pictures.  My heart stopped…this could be our son.  I talked to John and we agreed that we would accept this referral.  This was our Jack.  We took a four day weekend to visit Jack for my birthday at the end of September.  The visit was bitter sweet because this precious little boy was perfect, but he still wasn’t ours yet.  We didn’t know when the courts would release our case, but it looked good.  The foster mom said Jack should be home by Christmas.  It was too much to hope for, but I wanted to hold onto something when we returned home.  Taking Jack back to his nannies was extremely difficult, but it was even harder to feel the plane take off.  I was leaving my baby boy in a foreign country with strangers.  My heart broke.  Soon after we returned home, we found out the court kicked out case out due to a typographical error.  I couldn’t believe it!  To add insult to injury, there had been a recent shift of parents hoping to adopt from China to switch their country of choice to Guatemala.  The Consulate’s office in Chicago was swamped.  What should have taken a day to pass through their office took over a week.  Needless to say, Jack did not come home in time to share his first Christmas with us.  It was a very blue Christmas, but it made his homecoming all that much sweeter.


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