23 Days Until Christmas!

Well, today I awoke to my crazy children yelling in my ear “WAKE UP, MAMA!”   Not my favorite way to wake up!  But I managed to pry one eye open…

Jack was telling me all about the antics of our little elf.  It appears that our little elf returned to our house last night without Diesel elf, but he came bearing presents (fruit snacks).  Cheap bugger!  LOL  Maybe tonight the elf will venture out into the cold garage to find the “real” presents for the kids.    Jack handed Peyton her bag of snacks who proceeded to drop them in my bed to be squished into the sheets.  Mmmmm….sticky, gooey sheets…. another favorite!  Jack finally went back downstairs…I tried to go back to sleep in my sticky, gooey sheets.

Jack reappeared just moments later to let me know that Diesel elf did come back… he was just hiding around the corner.  Whew…that was a load off my mind!  Guess I had better unstick my hind end from the bed.

Today’s plan is to continue the unloading of boxes of Christmas decorations and finish up the kids trees in their bedrooms.  I started on Peyton’s last night, but she was driving me insane so it didn’t get done.  Maybe I’ll fit in some scrapbooking in there too!  🙂

So frustrating…. as I went to try to vacuum today, the suction sucked.  LOL  I had to clean all the filters.  Guess I should add that to my list of things to do EVERY month!

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