Ahhhh…the sound of relaxation

Well, the Christmas party was a lot of fun last night.  We had family from as far north as Alma and friends from Indiana and other friends and family from everywhere in between.  So glad we could come together to share a time together.

Diesel and Candy Cane elf were hiding today by my computer.  After the party last night, I fought to stay awake longer than my children so that he could find a new hiding spot.  He almost stayed in the snowman collection overnight!  LOL

Today he brought more Tootsie Rolls (because that was what was in my coat pocket so I didn’t have to go out to the garage to get my candy).

After all the time I spent decorating the house, I decided to share them here too. Here is our house fully decorated and ready for the season!  Merry Christmas!

Our dining room decorations

The Snowman collection, the advent gift bags filled by Diesel Elf and our stockings from Guatemala.

Our living room tree with our keepsake ornaments

The side table skirted in Christmas cheer

Peyton’s stocking created by my mom for one of us.  The stockings are nearly 4 foot long and really stretch, so Santa can fill it with all sorts of toys.  Our tradition is to wrap every present including stocking stuffers.  According to my mom, it made Christmas last longer.  🙂  Wrapping all those little presents is a pain in the butt, but traditions are traditions and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Flowers from my mother-in-law.  We always get flowers when the in-laws visit.  We try to bring her flowers as well when we visit, but sometimes it is so late that we forego this tradition to just get to their house!

The entryway and stairway.  Just a few small trees to brighten up the entryway.  A couple of snowmen lighten up the area as well.

Ever wonder what I do with your pictures you send in your Christmas cards?  Here they are!  2009 & 2010 have been made into these cute little mini albums to view each Christmas.  I just love to see how much the kids and families have changed over the past year(s).

My little trio of trees in the stairway.  You can’t tell in this picture, but they have little tiny seed lights on them that blink and “chase” each other.  They are my favorite lights and are on the living room tree and the mantle, as well.A big hit with the kids last night was the Candy Tree in the kitchen.  Parents think I am absolutely nuts (and they are right), but my kids do leave this tree alone for the most part.  Once in a while they will indulge in the candy goodness to be found as ornaments on this tree, but they don’t overindulge, so we continue to put this one up each year.

This year I was able to get the ladder out to put up the mitten banner in the stairway.  I just love the pop of color on this wall as you are walking downstairs.

My tiny little fiber optic tree sits atop the vanity in the bathroom.  This poor little tree is so old.  It used to sit on my desk at Lansing Community College when I worked there a decade ago.  Time to look for a replacement this season, I think!

Jack’s tree is decked out in Monster Trucks!  Shocker, I know.  We hung the flags from his Hot Wheels collection and included actual Monster Trucks as decorations too.  He doesn’t even miss the 15-20 trucks on the tree!

And finally, Peyton’s tree.  Peyton’s room is accented with butterflies, so her tree has some butterflies flitting around as well.  She also has “necklaces” on her tree for garland.  The purple lights from our wedding look pink so she is one happy camper with her girly girl tree.

The tree for the Master bedroom was moved back to the attic due to lack of time/motivation to get the room cleaned and ready for the party.  Maybe next year!  I’m on the hunt for a 4-5 foot skinny tree that would be perfect for our bedroom.

Well, that is our house decked out for the holidays.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May you enjoy the season of giving with your family and friends.  We have been very blessed this year and are thankful for all of you!

One response to “Ahhhh…the sound of relaxation

  1. Mom and I still talk about the time she came over to your place on Park Lane and was overcome with Christmas. “Man, she still does that? Is she NUTS?!” she asked me a few weeks ago. HAHA! I love it! You’ve got the best Christmas traditions ever!

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