Thirteen days left??? Oh no!

Only thirteen days until Christmas??  Oh no!  I guess I had better figure out what Santa is really going to bring to the kids!  LOL  Hmmm….maybe we will go shopping over in Jackson and leave the kids to play with their cousin for a couple of hours.  Sending email….

Well, Diesel and Candy Cane elves were lost in the laundry room this morning.  What in the world would they be doing in the laundry room?  No one wants to venture in there.  They managed to climb up to sit with the rarely used iron!  Hope they aren’t too dusty when they climb down tonight.

They brought with them some peppermint nougat candies which Jack proceeded directly to the trash to throw them away.  LOL  He dug them out after I told him it wasn’t nice to throw other people’s presents away.  Guess we’ll have to find a better gift for tomorrow.

Last night we attended my niece, Peri’s, Christmas program.  She played an angel and did a fabulous job.  Here she is singing her little heart out.

And a quick pose before removing her costume.  Note the slightly tilted halo…hmmm…that probably fits her rather well.  🙂

Today, I am busy making ads for all the sales coming up at Snips and Snails Designs.  If you are a digital scrapbooker and haven’t signed up for their newsletter, let me just say…you should.  🙂  Stephanne has some great sales coming up this month!  And a beautiful kit coming out later this week.

Since, Peyton is currently sleeping I’m going to try to get a scrapbook layout completed.  Hopefully, it will come together quickly.

Happy Monday and don’t forget only 12 more days of shopping left.  AHHHH!!!!  Wait!!!  I haven’t finished my shopping yet!!!!  I’m out of here!!

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