Bucket List…Hot Air Balloon Ride?

So what is on your bucket list? That was our challenge for Round 2 of the Go Digital Scrapbooking Designer Contest with this photo as our palette selector.

Round 2 Palette

At first, I considered using the theme painting. The bright, vibrant colors would work well with that theme…and I would like to paint. As I began to think about it, I realized I didn’t really have a bucket list, per se. So I thought I would go out on the web and see what other people had on their bucket list. Some people have very strange things on their lists! But I guess they are their lists and not mine. I came across a Hot Air Balloon Ride… I looked at the palette picture and realized this would be the perfect theme for this kit.

That being said, I realize that a hot air balloon ride is not high on my list of things to do before I kick the bucket, but it would be a great experience to have. And just think of all the great photos I could take! Now I have a mini kit to scrap those moments…just in case I ever do get my hot air balloon ride. Here is my mini kit!

Bucket List: Hot Air Balloon Ride
Download links have expired. Check back later for future release dates.

Bucket List: Hot Air Balloon Ride is available through a link in the GDS Gallery for the next two weeks. I created a few of the elements and learned new techniques to recolor/revamp a few others. I am very happy with the way this kit turned out! I am working on a few more pieces to this that I will have ready by Friday (I hope)! Bookmark my blog so you can come back and pick up the other piece to this kit.

Thanks for stopping!

Thank you! Kim

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