About Me

I find it kind of funny that I am telling you about me here.  If you are reading my blog than you know more about me than I could ever express here on this page.

I am a wife and a stay at home mom.  My husband, John, and I have two wonderful kids.  Jack, who is 4 1/2, and Peyton, who just turned one last October.

I recently “converted” to digital scrapbooking and I love it!  I enjoy making cards out of all of my paper supplies, but I am trying to sell the majority of my paper products.  I was a paper scrapbooker for over 10 years.  My mom kept all of my “stuff” in an old-fashioned scrapbook when I was growing up.  Before she passed away, I told her I was going to “redo” my scrapbook, but unfortunately, it is still sitting in the storage tub waiting to become a priority.

The first “new” scrapbook I remember seeing was at the graduation party of the daughter of my friend, Jackie.  Someone had made Stephanie a scrapbook of their trips together.  I took one look and said, “I can make that!”.  I began my quest to find everything I could about making a scrapbook.  I have stockpiled thousands of pieces of paper and several years of scrapbook magazines, but I still enjoy the hunt to find scrapbooking supplies I love.  Now, I look for digital supplies and feel at a loss in Hobby Lobby, since I don’t use the paper supplies anymore.


1. Any freebies made available by {K} squared Designs are available for approximately one month.

2. As a member of various creative teams, I receive products for free in return for promoting/reviewing these products for graphic designers. Be advised many products used and showcased on this blog were received for free unless otherwise specified.

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