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GDS Designer Contest Update…and a new layout!

My final submission for the Go Digital Scrapbooking Designer Contest was this “Welcome Winter” kit.

Welcome Winter by {K}squared Designs

The download links have expired at this time, but I will hopefully be offering this kit with some extra add-ons at a later date. Needless to say, I did not win the Go Digital Designer contest. Though I was very disappointed, I learned a lot through the process and am proud to have made it to the final round with some very talented designers. A big congratulations to Tricia of Seoul 2 Seoul Designs.

After two weeks of getting ready for the holidays, I have finally found a minute to sit down and scrap my first layout for the Supreme Team this month! The Collab kit for Dec 2012 is “Christmas Past”. This kit is beautiful. Here is my layout about Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Traditions

Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy holiday…if I don’t blog before then. 🙂


Moonlight Romance Mini Kit + Cluster + Add-On Freebie

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! Hope you made it through Black Friday with some great deals!

This week’s submission for the Go Digital Scrapbooking Designer Contest is called “Moonlight Romance”. It is based on this palette of shades of dusty purple.

GDS Round 3 Palette

Our challenge was to use only default tools from our software and any items we photographed or extracted ourselves. This limiting factor helped shape what types of kits I attempted to create. My wedding colors were lavender, so after looking at the palette I figured I could make a kit around romance. I found several tutorials online very useful for this challenge and created a mini kit that I am very happy with.

Moonlight Romance Mini Kit
Click image to redirect to gallery to pick up mini kit
Download links have expired. Check back later for future release dates.

For a Bonus Challenge we were asked to create a cluster using a frame and 5 additional elements from our kit. Here is my bonus challenge entry

Moonlight Romance Cluster
Download links have expired. Check back later for future release dates.


I also have this little Add-on for you. Hope you enjoy this entire set!

Moonlight Romance Add-On Freebie
Download links have expired. Check back later for future release dates.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll find out in the morning if I move on to the next round! Wish me luck!

Thank you! Kim

Hot Air Balloon Ride Add-on


This challenge I tried to create a few more elements rather than relying on CU products only. My felt hot air balloon just wasn’t quite ready at deadline time, so I took a few more days to fix the QC issues. I also added a few extras for you too! You can pick up the Mini kit at the GDS Gallery.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Add-on

Download links have expired.  Check back later for future release dates.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your Hot Air Balloon Ride!
Thank you! Kim

Bucket List…Hot Air Balloon Ride?

So what is on your bucket list? That was our challenge for Round 2 of the Go Digital Scrapbooking Designer Contest with this photo as our palette selector.

Round 2 Palette

At first, I considered using the theme painting. The bright, vibrant colors would work well with that theme…and I would like to paint. As I began to think about it, I realized I didn’t really have a bucket list, per se. So I thought I would go out on the web and see what other people had on their bucket list. Some people have very strange things on their lists! But I guess they are their lists and not mine. I came across a Hot Air Balloon Ride… I looked at the palette picture and realized this would be the perfect theme for this kit.

That being said, I realize that a hot air balloon ride is not high on my list of things to do before I kick the bucket, but it would be a great experience to have. And just think of all the great photos I could take! Now I have a mini kit to scrap those moments…just in case I ever do get my hot air balloon ride. Here is my mini kit!

Bucket List: Hot Air Balloon Ride
Download links have expired. Check back later for future release dates.

Bucket List: Hot Air Balloon Ride is available through a link in the GDS Gallery for the next two weeks. I created a few of the elements and learned new techniques to recolor/revamp a few others. I am very happy with the way this kit turned out! I am working on a few more pieces to this that I will have ready by Friday (I hope)! Bookmark my blog so you can come back and pick up the other piece to this kit.

Thanks for stopping!

Thank you! Kim