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GDS Designer Contest Update…and a new layout!

My final submission for the Go Digital Scrapbooking Designer Contest was this “Welcome Winter” kit.

Welcome Winter by {K}squared Designs

The download links have expired at this time, but I will hopefully be offering this kit with some extra add-ons at a later date. Needless to say, I did not win the Go Digital Designer contest. Though I was very disappointed, I learned a lot through the process and am proud to have made it to the final round with some very talented designers. A big congratulations to Tricia of Seoul 2 Seoul Designs.

After two weeks of getting ready for the holidays, I have finally found a minute to sit down and scrap my first layout for the Supreme Team this month! The Collab kit for Dec 2012 is “Christmas Past”. This kit is beautiful. Here is my layout about Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Traditions

Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy holiday…if I don’t blog before then. ūüôā


Catch up day for our little elf post…

Where has this week gone??? ¬†After our party on Saturday, I have been trying to catch up on “stuff” around the house, get the Christmas cards ready to mail, and do some work. ¬†I managed to get a couple of scrapbook pages done, but not much.

The Christmas cards are ready for the mail though! ¬†Yesterday, I sent out our international cards, but I don’t think they will arrive at their destinations on time. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†It is the thought that counts though, right? ¬†Here are our domestic ones ready for the mail today!

Our elf has been a busy little elf too!  Here is the run down of his hiding spots and some of the treats he left.

Tues the 13th they were hiding on the bakers rack beneath the pot rack

On Weds the 14th… we found them hiding among the sippy cups!

But look at these cool little snacks he left the kids. ¬†(Saw them on Pinterest and we had just 2 little donuts left that night). ¬†ūüôā

On Thursday, they were snuggled up together in Jack’s stocking.

This morning, Jack found them on the ledge by the basement stairs. ¬†I was quite surprised by how fast he found them this morning, but you just never know. ¬†And just look at how cute my niece and nephew are in these pictures!! ¬†Now they are teenagers, beautiful and handsome, but still teenagers! ¬†ūüôā

Last night, the kids were playing with their balloon instead of cleaning up toys like I told them 20 times. ¬†I popped their balloon and you would have thought I killed Santa right in front of them. ¬†Probably not the best choice for me to do, but once it was done, it was done. ¬†I told them to get their toys cleaned up and they could ask Diesel to bring them a new balloon in the morning. ¬†Peyton seemed a little unsure that this would help, but she finally decided that she didn’t want Jack to get a balloon and not her, so she asked too. ¬†Needless to say, they both received balloons in their little gift bag this morning along with their Hershey’s Santas. ¬†Hoping the therapy bill won’t be too high in the future!

Well, that brings us up to date on our little elves adventures.  We are running out of places to hide him, I think and the candy supply is getting low.  Might have to start in on some cheap gifts instead.

Wow…there is so much going on in digiland

Stephanne from Snips and Snails Designs is celebrating the holiday season early. Check out her blog at Snips and Snails Designs¬†for all the details! ¬†Don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter while you are there…she has awesome freebies and coupons!

First, the Christmas Card Blog Hop is still going on.  Grab your copy of Silver Bells on the blog.  Here is a link to that post.

Second, Hark the Angels kit has just been released.  This is a gorgeous Christmas kit.

And this is my layout using this kit.  My beautiful niece was an angel at her Christmas program.  

Third, there is a freebie for the Hark the Angels kit posted on the SNS blog, so don’t forget to go grab it.

Fourth, there are 2 chances to win the new kit ‘Tis the Season at DST and on the SNS blog.

Finally, Stephanne is having a huge sale!!

Whew….that is a lot! ¬†And I think I forgot a couple of things too! ¬†I’ll write another post when I figure out what I forgot. ¬†ūüôā

Happy Shopping!

Thirteen days left??? Oh no!

Only thirteen days until Christmas?? ¬†Oh no! ¬†I guess I had better figure out what Santa is really going to bring to the kids! ¬†LOL ¬†Hmmm….maybe we will go shopping over in Jackson and leave the kids to play with their cousin for a couple of hours. ¬†Sending email….

Well, Diesel and Candy Cane elves were lost in the laundry room this morning. ¬†What in the world would they be doing in the laundry room? ¬†No one wants to venture in there. ¬†They managed to climb up to sit with the rarely used iron! ¬†Hope they aren’t too dusty when they climb down tonight.

They brought with them some peppermint nougat candies which Jack proceeded directly to the trash to throw them away. ¬†LOL ¬†He dug them out after I told him it wasn’t nice to throw other people’s presents away. ¬†Guess we’ll have to find a better gift for tomorrow.

Last night we attended my niece, Peri’s, Christmas program. ¬†She played an angel and did a fabulous job. ¬†Here she is singing her little heart out.

And a quick pose before removing her costume. ¬†Note the slightly tilted halo…hmmm…that probably fits her rather well. ¬†ūüôā

Today, I am busy making ads for all the sales coming up at Snips and Snails Designs. ¬†If you are a digital scrapbooker and haven’t signed up for their newsletter, let me just say…you should. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Stephanne has some great sales coming up this month! ¬†And a beautiful kit coming out later this week.

Since, Peyton is currently sleeping I’m going to try to get a scrapbook layout completed. ¬†Hopefully, it will come together quickly.

Happy Monday and don’t forget only 12 more days of shopping left. ¬†AHHHH!!!! ¬†Wait!!! ¬†I haven’t finished my shopping yet!!!! ¬†I’m out of here!!

Ahhhh…the sound of relaxation

Well, the Christmas party was a lot of fun last night.  We had family from as far north as Alma and friends from Indiana and other friends and family from everywhere in between.  So glad we could come together to share a time together.

Diesel and Candy Cane elf were hiding today by my computer.  After the party last night, I fought to stay awake longer than my children so that he could find a new hiding spot.  He almost stayed in the snowman collection overnight!  LOL

Today he brought more Tootsie Rolls (because that was what was in my coat pocket so I didn’t have to go out to the garage to get my candy).

After all the time I spent decorating the house, I decided to share them here too. Here is our house fully decorated and ready for the season!  Merry Christmas!

Our dining room decorations

The Snowman collection, the advent gift bags filled by Diesel Elf and our stockings from Guatemala.

Our living room tree with our keepsake ornaments

The side table skirted in Christmas cheer

Peyton’s stocking created by my mom for one of us. ¬†The stockings are nearly 4 foot long and really stretch, so Santa can fill it with all sorts of toys. ¬†Our tradition is to wrap every present including stocking stuffers. ¬†According to my mom, it made Christmas last longer. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Wrapping all those little presents is a pain in the butt, but traditions are traditions and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Flowers from my mother-in-law.  We always get flowers when the in-laws visit.  We try to bring her flowers as well when we visit, but sometimes it is so late that we forego this tradition to just get to their house!

The entryway and stairway.  Just a few small trees to brighten up the entryway.  A couple of snowmen lighten up the area as well.

Ever wonder what I do with your pictures you send in your Christmas cards?  Here they are!  2009 & 2010 have been made into these cute little mini albums to view each Christmas.  I just love to see how much the kids and families have changed over the past year(s).

My little trio of trees in the stairway. ¬†You can’t tell in this picture, but they have little tiny seed lights on them that blink and “chase” each other. ¬†They are my favorite lights and are on the living room tree and the mantle, as well.A big hit with the kids last night was the Candy Tree in the kitchen. ¬†Parents think I am absolutely nuts (and they are right), but my kids do leave this tree alone for the most part. ¬†Once in a while they will indulge in the candy goodness to be found as ornaments on this tree, but they don’t overindulge, so we continue to put this one up each year.

This year I was able to get the ladder out to put up the mitten banner in the stairway.  I just love the pop of color on this wall as you are walking downstairs.

My tiny little fiber optic tree sits atop the vanity in the bathroom.  This poor little tree is so old.  It used to sit on my desk at Lansing Community College when I worked there a decade ago.  Time to look for a replacement this season, I think!

Jack’s tree is decked out in Monster Trucks! ¬†Shocker, I know. ¬†We hung the flags from his Hot Wheels collection and included actual Monster Trucks as decorations too. ¬†He doesn’t even miss the 15-20 trucks on the tree!

And finally, Peyton’s tree. ¬†Peyton’s room is accented with butterflies, so her tree has some butterflies flitting around as well. ¬†She also has “necklaces” on her tree for garland. ¬†The purple lights from our wedding look pink so she is one happy camper with her girly girl tree.

The tree for the Master bedroom was moved back to the attic due to lack of time/motivation to get the room cleaned and ready for the party. ¬†Maybe next year! ¬†I’m on the hunt for a 4-5 foot skinny tree that would be perfect for our bedroom.

Well, that is our house decked out for the holidays.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May you enjoy the season of giving with your family and friends.  We have been very blessed this year and are thankful for all of you!

The final push….16 Days left…

Well, the final push is on…

The Christmas Party is TOMORROW!!! ¬†Oh my!!! ¬†I don’t know if I will be ready, but trying to think postively…I’m quite sure I won’t be ready for the party tomorrow night. ¬†LOL

Well, Diesel and Candy Cane Elves are lodged in the little snow village this morning.

Jack was so excited because they brought him Tootsie Rolls. ¬†He just loves his Tootsie Rolls! ¬†The funny thing is the elves brought 4 Tootsie Rolls and Jack passes them all out to each of us instead of taking 2 for each of them. ¬†ūüôā

On today’s agenda, clean the entire house, finish up the laundry, put decorations on 5 small trees and welcome the in-laws around 5 p.m. ¬†I guess I had better get off this computer if I am going to get my list done today!

Have a great weekend!

17 More Days!!!

Diesel elf & Candy Cane elf stayed lodged in the kitchen today. ¬†They found a nice dusty shelf to plop down on, but left Peyton’s blankie in the refrigerator!

Hiding on a kitchen shelf

Today they came bearing candy canes since Jack was not very happy with their gift treat yesterday (Cookies and Cream Santas).

Today, I am finishing up my decorating.  Last night, I put the finishing touches on the living room tree and the mantle.

This afternoon, I put up the snow village and will be tackling the evergreen for the kitchen as soon as I finish this post.  The day to day garland is down in the kitchen, but I need to deep clean the shelf before putting up the greenery in there!  Ugh!!!  Well, off to continue cleaning/decorating!!!