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Prompt #13: iLive | Project: Love, Me

Prompt #13: iLive

Written on March 24, 2011 by Kami in Weekly Prompts

We are a quarter of the way through Project: Love, Me!

This week, we start a new chapter in our books dedicated to living life to the fullest!  Too often we get bogged down in our day to day routines and forget to stop and smell the roses.  We focus on the handful of Big Occasions throughout the year and overlook the thousands of  little moments that make up the majority of our lives.   This week, we’re going to take some time to look at how we live our lives- all the little things that make up our days.  What does a typical day look like for you right now? What do you do every day to remember to  to live for today?

Here is  my layout:

via Prompt #13: iLive | Project: Love, Me.


“Fresh Easter” New Kit From Trish H Designs

Trish H Designs released a new kit today….”Fresh Easter” at Enchanted Studio Scraps.  You can pick up your copy here.

This is my layout from this beautiful kit.

Picks of the Week: Prompts #11 & #12 | Project: Love, Me

My Prompt #11 layout was chosen as the “Pick of the Week”!  How exciting!!!


Picks of the Week: Prompts #11 & #12 | Project: Love, Me.

OKC for aneczkaw

I decided to try doing a few one kit creative (OKC) jobs that I found on Digi Scrap Addicts forum.

Here is my layout for aneczkaw’s “Diamond Girl” Kit

Credits:  Kit:  “Diamond Girl” created by Designs by AneczkaW; Template created by Kim Kerr;  Fonts:  Fleurish Script & CK Ali’s Hand

New Layout from Trish H Designs “Sweet Pea” Kit

Here is my latest layout from Trish H Designs awesome kits found at Enchanted Studio Scraps.


Prompt #11 – [Insert Sad Face]

Prompt #11 – [Insert Sad Face]

Written on March 9, 2011 by admin in Weekly Prompts

Life isn’t always sunshine and happiness.  In the words of  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  “Into each life some rain must fall”.  Sometimes we are sad, angry, maybe even a little depressed.  Even though this might not be the face we show the world, these feelings are still a big part of who we are.   Let’s delve into the “flip side” of laughter … share a story of a time when you were down or upset.  How do you deal with these feelings?  Do they inspire change in your life?  Do you hide them from others or look to others to help you through them?

via Scrapbooking about YOU! | Project: Love, Me.


Here is  my Layout:

Supplies Used on Layout: “After the Rain” kit by Trish H Designs (Enchanted Studio Scraps); Font:  CK Ali’s Hand and Fleurish Script.

Journaling: The night before my induction, I found myself alone missing my mom more than life itself.  I had separated myself from John and Jack because H1N1 virus was going around and I didn’t want to fight that while in labor, so I was sleeping in the baby’s new room.  The overwhelming sense of sadness engulfed me and I just laid there sobbing.  Mom had passed away just after John and I were engaged.  She wouldn’t know either of my kids personally and the tragedy of that was too much for me to handle.  I just wanted her to be with me to tell me it would be okay.  I wanted to know about her experiences with childbirth and what to really expect.  I wanted my mommy!  But that was impossible and John came in to comfort me.  Reassuring me that everything would be fine and to offer his support.  I am thankful for John’s support, but there is nothing quite like the comfort of your mother’s touch.  ~ October 2009


Revamped product from Trish H Designs

Trish H Designs has revamped one of her older kits.   You can pick up your copy of the kit at Enchanted Studio Scraps.

Check out all of the CT’s great layouts!